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Luce Angelica Studio is the founder of  "ElìMedicine".

Luce Angelica Studio is the founder of  "ElìMedicine".

Traduzione realizzata dal Dott. Giuseppe Mazza titolare dell’Agenzia Sirio Viaggi di Catania

Sirio Viaggi

It was, it is and it will be ElìMedicine! Today it is the Luce Angelica Studio which practice this medicine.

The “ElìMedicine” created by Luce Angelica Studio, is used in  Alternative Holistic Medicine.

ElìMedicine does not intend to replace the paths indicated and practiced by the conventional  medication  , nor substitute it for any kind of  therapy to obtain results over time.

It doesn’t  make any medical-scientific prescription.  It is an efficient and irreplaceable help  since the first meeting with the energetic  holistic practitioner who will likely take a look at all the potential factors that may be causing the person’s health problems  in order to bring his/her lives into balance and maintain health, harmony and vitality.

ElìMedicine it is not a subject  that you can teach, as many others.  It is a truth, as it is true that The Universal Energy exists. It is not based on promises, but on concrete facts. The ElìMedicine Holistic Practitioner slowly and deeply discovers that this privilege was just inside himself/herself;  a power granted to  very few people.  It is a privilege, a gift deeply rooted  only in some human beings.  Only at the moment in which it is picked out, it should be followed and improved by a highly-gifted person.

Luce Angelica Studio does not arrange courseworks, seminars, meetings with the aim to teach or prepare a series of popular manuals that could give explanations  through teaching methods.

It is the same thaumaturgical energy which choose the one through which it operates, because the chosen practitioner  should have  the highest  requirements  choosen by the same energy and it is not acquired in any form or manner .

Let’s make an example. If we consider a greatest painter or a opera singer known worldwide who have discoverd their particular gift, they are not able to convey or grant to others their same gift if these persons are not naturally endowed with the  same  physical attribute or talent.

Man can always try to imitate his similar one,  but presumptuousness would  be to believe of being able to  equal it.

The obtainable results and the objective that can be reached through ElìMedicine cannot be described in a few words since they can be only proved and verified, achieving  unthinkable goals to the logic of the human mind.

Elì Medicine is vital energy that comes from the inner light of the Universe, flowing through a human being, it gives light to the heart gripped in a shape of suffering where it does not find explanation  even the conventional medicine, being particularly  expert on purely scientific bases.

Elì Medicine has the power of changing  into positivity all that was negative, an essential condition for the healing of man.

The Luce Angelica Studio, founder of ElìMedicine, is rich of reliable evidences of any type of psychophisical healing.

The Luce Angelica Studio , supports individuals through Eli Medicine, with releasing and balancing emotions once lost, helping them to manifest healthier emotional, energetical and physical lives.

Luce Angelica Studio and ElìMedicine: your mirror for the knowledge and the rebirth of yourself!


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